So, back to me.

So after the failure of half of this blog ‘Sex and Multiple Cities’ due to the tremendous lack of sex, I reevaluated my life and decided to focus on the city aspect of the blog. I wanted to start it in January but being me, I didn’t. So now that i’m leaving Cologne with no money, no plan and basically no clothes, I thought it would be the best time to share my low-key chaotic life.

I’ve au-paired in Corsica, I did a ski season in Tignes and I kindergarden-ed in Cologne. For this coming summer, I was too poor to plan anything decent to do and was unwilling to go home and work in rainy Ireland. The week before my internship finished in Cologne, Germany  I decided to book a one way ticket to Cadiz, Spain with the intention of very slowly and very cheaply getting to Lyon for the first of September so I can start studying there. I have no idea if this is going to work; I might run out of money in the first two weeks and have to fly home or maybe I will make it the full two months and arrive in Lyon ready to leeeearn.

My budget for the 8 weeks is €1000 so slumming it will be essential. Mostly I will be couch-surfing and hoping that hostels will let me work so I can avoid sleeping on park benches. As anxious as I am, I’m exhilarated at the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone to see what happens….


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