I am a home owner.

I am officially a proud home owner. It may be a two man tent that I got on sale in Decathlon but it’s still my home for the next 59 days. I’m hoping that it will reduce the amount that I will have to spend on accommodation from now on, meaning that I can actually finish the full two months, maybe..

As a result of walking across the city to get my new baby, I have destroyed my feet with blisters and now can only walk as if I have dick up my butt. Every day I realise how unprepared I am for this trip and how I haven’t really thought about anything practical, as in being able to walk long distances. I suppose it’s all just a learning curve and now I know to not wear flip flops for longer journeys.

On the bright side tonight I had dinner in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We walked around Puerto Sherry to have a picnic on the ruins of an old castle over looking the bay of Caidz just in time for sunset.  This was a perfect end after a long day of stressing about being an unprepared fool.

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