Prettiest place I ever put my butt.

Cadiz was really beautiful and definitely lived up to what everyone says.  It is really touristy but still feels super Spanish. The Castillo’s on either side of the Santa Catilina Cove, the Cathedral and the campus buildings all around the city were some of my favourite parts. The economics building by the beach and the student accommodation by the cathedral made me wish that I had studied Spanish and could come back for my Erasmus.  The fresh fish and fruit market in the centre of the historic city was gross, interesting but gross. I’ve never seen so many different types of dead fish. There were huge tuna heads with all the brains carved out and eels still with their teeth and eyes lying on show.

The best bit of Cadiz for me were the shaded park areas that ran from the Park Genoves to the port. Park Genoves itself is really cool and it almost feels like you’re in Jurassic park (without the dinosaurs). From the park to the port there are tiled walkways shaded by plants and trees. Each pathway opens to a small courtyard with a water feature and benches. Even though you were still pretty much in the city centre these areas were so peaceful and probably the prettiest place I ever put my butt.

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