Stomp Stomp Swim Swim.

After extending my stay in Granada because of all the beautiful souls I’ve met here for quite a few nights, we decided to rent cars drive into the mountains and hike through a gorge to a lake. Two Kiwis, Two Americans, Two Irish, One English and One Italien stallion packed our shit together for some wholesome fun.

We all stomped our pretty feet the whole way down the valley till we got to the lake pretty easily despite Gabby tumbling to what could have been her death at one point. Being the bad bitch she is, we wiped some blood away and moved on.


When we got to the lake, we could only see big reeds around the whole thing with the top of dam wall at the edge, we slithered through all the reeds like little adventure snakes to the wall. Getting as naked as possible as quick as possible we jumped in. It was definitively one of the nicest places I have ever swam, it was so so clear and blue and cold and perfect that I just want to bring my tent back there and never leave again.


Post swim picnic ensued and post picnic pictures followed that. Everyone was so happy and it felt like we had known each other for ever rather than maybe 48 hours at most.

The hike back was horrifically difficult, even though it was the evening time and the sun wasn’t as strong we were all super tired after eating, laying in the sun, and swimming all day. I came close to crying/vomiting a few times, but we got there and it was so worth it to look way down into the valley and see what I had just done with only 4 hours sleep the night before.

Over all point of this post – Agree to driving up the mountains with people you have just met and strip down and swim with them. It will be the best day of your life (apart from walking back up again).

19893892_1227602317345431_1402755075_o (1)

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