Chapter 69.

Welcome to my new life in Lyon. A place I vowed to stop being such a mess and learn to function like a normal adult. A place where this has not happened. Being homeless for the first month made it hard to develop any normal routine other than eating a minimum of one baguette a day. However now I am home-d and so I feel I can start my life.


First night of my new stable life I got so drunk I joined a French darts club, demanded free drinks and claimed the bar man was my boyfriend to random strangers… Not what I was hoping to achieve, although I am now a rising star in the darts world.  Asides from this and one other particularly poor performance of mine in an Australian bar this week I have been relatively cultured here. I’ve been to museums spoke at a women’s rights march in solidarity with Irish women and repeal the 8th and even got low-key wasted and talked politics with some sexy French gals.


Big negatives of Lyon include – the ridiculous opening hours of fast food restaurants, the impossibility of opening a bank account and the difficulty of finding a time-table in college. Other than this there isn’t much to fault, there is cute cats to be-friend near the Basilica, yummy food and pretty bridges.




Sharing is caring.

Everyone who I meet who has stayed in hostels always says the same thing, you meet the weirdest people in hostels.

After last night, I now realise that Gabby and I are those weirdos. We over share, are over emotional and over enthusiastic.

Granada babies

Two Kiwis came to stay in my room here in Madrid and within ten minutes I had already told them far more than they ever wanted to know. Luckily this didn’t scare them off and the agreed to come for cans with us.

After a sniff of alcohol things just get worse, we spent a long time letting everyone know how we felt about saving the NHS and repealing the eighth. After the ball got rolling we just couldn’t shut up. Gabbs let everyone know about the time she woke up a Portuguese town by setting off a house alarm trying to leave some guys house, while I shared my weakness for tour guides on a power trip.

Post pub crawl pity

For us, it’s normal and natural to share every dirty and disastrous detail of our messy lives. Some people this freaks them out and maybe we come on to strong, I think this is why I am often on the receiving end of eye rolling and lots of side eye. Sometimes this can hurt my feelings, but it’s also natural I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

Maybe one day we’ll learn to use our filters but for now, I think I’ll continue sharing as honestly as I can.

Old men & new friendships.

I took a blabla car to Almeria from Granada with a man who sells fruit packaging. This meant we stopped at every fruit farm in between the two cities. Considering this is the main industry in the region, it was a lot. The journey took about three or four hours and was only supposed to take one or two. This was compensated by the breakfast and snacks that were provided for free-sies. He was really nice and brought me directly to the campsite. Old man number one was cool. A good start.



Old man number two was the bain of my life for a brief period. On Saturday I had to wait in Almeria all day for my blablacar so I decided to do all the touristy things. This meant I had to carry my back pack around with me (12kg!!!!!) I walked up to the Alcazaba, which is basically just a shitter version of the Alhambra. On my hike up to the castle I was stopping to take breaks in the shaded areas, this is where old man number two entered my life. He was the typical chatty brit living the retirement dream in Spain, giving out free life advice to anyone who will listen. In the space of no more than fifteen minutes he had told me to stay away from “the two pricks in life ; herion and dicks”, eat more vitamin c, stop being a vegetarian, give up alcohol and not to vaccinate my future children.  He just kept appearing at every corner there was no escaping him for a while. Old man number two was the fucking worst.


Things picked back up with old man number three. He was my blabla car out of Almeria. With no common language and a five hour journey ahead of us, I decided to do the mature thing and put my head phones in and pretend to sleep. I woke up twice, once for him to buy me food and the second time for me to get out at my hostel. Old man number restored my faith.


The campsite I was staying on in Almeria was pretty quiet and I wasn’t expecting to make many friends there but these two cutie Spanish girls took me under their wing. The fed me for pretty much the full two days, drove me around when I needed and even gave me some new socks! Their English wasn’t that good but they tried so hard to make me feel welcome and were so generous with everything they had. This trip is definitely showing me how kind and willing to help people are.




Granada – Sweet sweaty city.

My third destination set the bar very high. I’m not sure if anywhere else will be able to live up to the last five days in Granada. The combination of the city, hostel and beautiful people I met all contributed to some of the best moments of my life. I stayed in Granada Inn backpackers hostel,  it’s been the cheapest and best place I’ve stayed so far, dorm rooms started from only nine euro a night and it was super clean, comfortable and really easy to make friends there.

Team sweaty back.jpg

I did a walking tour of the city with this company for free on Monday which lasted about two  and a half hours and showed you around the old parts of the city.  This was super cool not just because it was free but because you got to see so much and then could choose to go back and revisit stuff it you wanted more detail later on. They also have tours in the evenings but I skipped this to watch sunset and moonrise on the walls of the old city.


About ten of us walked up to  the Sacremonte area and into the hills where the gypsys live and to the ruins of the old city walls.  To get to the top of the wall it was necessary to climb the old wall, something that I did not excel at. At one point my hands and feet were so sweaty with fear I thought I was going to cause a mudslide and slip down the mountain to a certain death. Surprisingly I didn’t and when we got to the top it was so worth it. We had views of the whole city and surrounding mountains all to ourselves. It felt like an episode of Skins (minus the drugs) it was so perfect.  I’ve never sat and watched the moon rise before and this was the perfect first time.

Basically everything in the city is so pure and exciting that I never wanted to leave ever…

P.S Photo creds to Gabby Rogers xxxx


Prettiest place I ever put my butt.

Cadiz was really beautiful and definitely lived up to what everyone says.  It is really touristy but still feels super Spanish. The Castillo’s on either side of the Santa Catilina Cove, the Cathedral and the campus buildings all around the city were some of my favourite parts. The economics building by the beach and the student accommodation by the cathedral made me wish that I had studied Spanish and could come back for my Erasmus.  The fresh fish and fruit market in the centre of the historic city was gross, interesting but gross. I’ve never seen so many different types of dead fish. There were huge tuna heads with all the brains carved out and eels still with their teeth and eyes lying on show.

The best bit of Cadiz for me were the shaded park areas that ran from the Park Genoves to the port. Park Genoves itself is really cool and it almost feels like you’re in Jurassic park (without the dinosaurs). From the park to the port there are tiled walkways shaded by plants and trees. Each pathway opens to a small courtyard with a water feature and benches. Even though you were still pretty much in the city centre these areas were so peaceful and probably the prettiest place I ever put my butt.