Smugglers & Snorers

I’ve been in Madrid for the past three days staying in the worst hostel I’ve ever stayed in. When I arrived I had to walk through a group of men who looked like they had just been released from prison and I was the first woman they had seen in ten years. Uncomfortable start.

There was no common kitchen so no where to store food which meant that you just had to eat out all the time which was super costly. There was a common area but it was negative craic. Like it literally sucked the energy out of your body it was so dull.

Outside there were always that group of weird men sitting around the entrance making everyone with a vagina feel very uncomfortable. This in addition to the unwelcome and inappropriate touching at breakfast from one of these men made me feel in general very unsafe and unwelcome at this hostel. It is the first time on this trip or other times that I have been staying alone that I have felt vulnerable.

Not only did I personally feel unsafe but I was also concerned about the security of my belongings. One morning a man walked into the hostel common room from the street and stole someones ipad off the table while he wasn’t looking. Luckily the man noticed and ran after him and got it back, but still.

Previously I have just been picking my hostels based on the lowest price but I think that in the future I need to pay more attention to the reviews and the facilities in the place especially in a big city like Madrid.

I’ve moved to a new hostel still in Madrid now, and already I’m getting a way better vibe from it.